7.0.5 (2021-04-09)

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BUGFIX: Use lazy EntityManager injection to prevent recursive instanciation

With the changes in #2423 the PersistenceManager was registered as a Doctrine EventListener. Hence, when building the EntityManager, the PersistenceManager got instanciated with a completely new non-lazy EntityManager. This caused errors when trying to persist entities, as they were not known to that instance of the EntityManager. This change makes the EntityManager instanciation lazy again and handles the type mismatch of the lazy DependencyProxy in the SchemaTool.

This is an alternative fix to #2448

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BUGFIX: Inject settings into the PackageManager during bootstrap

The injection of the Flow settings into the PackageManager was accidentally removed from the Scripts::initializeConfiguration() method. This caused various issues in the PackageManager for example during the kickstart of new packages using the kickstarter commands.

The accidental removal happened in b71e1924e423b73814b09552d34291002e4a18f1

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How to verify it One of the commands failing is the kickstart package command:

./flow kickstart:package Acme.Package

Without this change applied the command will fail and injectSettings of the PackageManager will not be called.

  • Packages: Flow

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