7.3.7 (2022-08-29)

Overview of merged pull requests

BUGFIX: Reimplement request method override via middleware

The documented feature to override the request method with the POST argument __method or one of the HTTP headers X-Http-Method-Override or X-Http-Method was accidentally removed in the transition towards PSR-7. This adds it back in by adding a middleware that does the same logic that was removed with the previous Http\Request class.

BUGFIX: Don’t convert numeric strings to numbers in proxy method argument defaults

The check is_numeric evaluates to true for strings like "1" therefore the generated code would be missing the quotes necessary to keep the default argument a string. This causes type errors in the proxy class when the arguments type is string. Therefore the check whether an argument value is a string should be done first.

This change could be breaking if no type is used and a method somehow relies on the proxy class turning the argument default into a number.

  • Resolves: #2864

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: InternalRequestEngine should behave like HttpRequestEngine

The HttpRequestEngine holds a reference to the “current” http request in each step of the middleware chain. The internal request engine does not, making it hard to write tests, that predict system behavior.

With this patch you can fetch the current request (and not only the outer most) even in InternalRequestEngine

See \\Neos\\Flow\\Http\\RequestHandler::handleRequest()

  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Raise guzzlehttp/psr7 to ^1.8.4 (security fix)

This makes sure guzzlehttp/psr7 is will not be used in version with a known security issue.

  • Packages: Http.Factories

TASK: Update .phpstorm.meta.php syntax

The old .phpstorm.meta.php syntax is deprecated, see https://www.jetbrains.com/help/phpstorm/ide-advanced-metadata.html#legacy-metadata-format-deprecated

Review instructions

Code completion in PhpStorm should still “know” about these:

```php // $environment is Environment|obect $environment = $bootstrap->getEarlyInstance(Environment::class);

// $environment is Environment|obect $environment = $objectManager->get(Environment::class); ```

  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Remove noise from session LoggingAspect

This cleans up the log messages of the LoggingAspect for SessionInterface, to reduce log volume.


22-06-21 14:35:46 70133 INFO Session: Started session with id ixadt08m586zKtcJmUTZend6ykWvP9fM.
[array] =>

packageKey: [string] => Neos.Flow className: [string] => Neos\Flow\Session\Session methodName: [string] => start


22-06-21 14:35:46 70133 INFO Session: Started session with id ixadt08m586zKtcJmUTZend6ykWvP9fM.

No information is lost: The Session prefix to the log message is the class name and will already be fully qualified if not within Neos\\Flow\\Session, the package key was hardcoded and the method name is always what the advice targets.

Upgrade instructions

If you for some reason relied on the log messages having that exact format, you will need to adjust whatever you need to adjust.

Review instructions

The session activity should be logged as before, just less noisy.

I did not create this against 5.3, because, … well. But we could, if you like.

  • Packages: Flow

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