Contributing to Flow

Got time, a computer and a brain? Here is how you can help:

Report and Validate Issues

We don’t code bugs, at least not on purpose. But if you find one, report it in our issue tracker. But please help us to solve it by attaching a detailed description of how to reproduce the issue. If you can provide a unit test that shows the bug, this rocks big time.

  • Tasks: Find bugs, describe them, reproduce them in a unit test

  • Skills needed: Attention to detail, knowledge about PHP and PHPUnit is a plus

Report bugs in the Flow issue tracker !

Improve Documentation

A complex system like ours needs a lot of documentation. And despite the complexity that documentation should be easy and fun to read. Right?

  • Tasks: Proof read existing documentation, writing new documentation

  • Skills needed: Writing skills and very good english are a must

Work on the Code

You found a bug? Have an idea for a missing feature? Found clever solution to an open task? Just write the code and submit it to us for inclusion. Do it on a regular basis and become famous. So they say.

  • Tasks: Write clean and useful code. Bonus points for beautiful code :-)

  • Skills needed: good to expert PHP knowledge, good understanding for OOP, knowledge about patterns and “enterprise architecture” is a plus