What’s Flow

Flow is a PHP-based application framework. It is especially well-suited for enterprise-grade applications and explicitly supports Domain-Driven Design, a powerful software design philosophy. Convention over configuration, Test-Driven Development, Continuous Integration and an easy-to-read source code are other important principles we follow for the development of Flow.

Needless to say, Flow provides you with a full-stack MVC framework for building state-of-the-art web applications. More exciting though are the first class Dependency Injection support and the Aspect-Oriented Programming capabilities which can be used without a single line of configuration.

What’s in this tutorial?

This tutorial explains all the steps to get you started with your very own first Flow project.

Please bring your own computer, a reasonable knowledge of PHP and HTML and at least some initial experience with object-oriented programming. In return you’ll surely get some new insights into modern programming paradigms and how to produce clean code in no time.


If you’re stuck at some point or stumble over some weirdnesses during the tutorial, please let us know! We appreciate any feedback in our forum, as a ticket in our issue tracker or via Slack.


This tutorial goes best with a Caffè Latte or, if it’s afternoon or late night already, with a few shots of Espresso …