6.0.0 (2019-09-19)

Overview of merged pull requests

BUGFIX: Avoid changing REQUEST_TIME in functional tests

This fixes two symptoms:

  • the time reported for functional tests (used to be years…)
  • an error in the RequestHandlerTest caused by the PhpUnit Timer complaining about not being able to determine the time
  • Packages: Flow

!!! TASK: Set $result private, to remove it from the interface

Don’t access $this->result inside Validators and instead use pushResult/popResult/getResult.

  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Remove lockStrategyClassName from settings

Remove the configuration in flow and the according settings schema, as the Lock package was removed already in https://github.com/neos/flow-development-collection/pull/1771

  • Packages: Flow

!!!TASK: Remove Lock package from dev collection

The Lock package is no longer in use anywhere in the Flow or Neos core since several versions, it is effectively deprecated. This change removes it and the last leftovers from the development collection.

This is marked breaking because the LockManager is no longer initialised after this change and the package would not be installed by default. If you need the package in your own code you should require it independently and setup the LockManager as you need. We suggest looking into alternative locking solutions though.

  • Packages: Flow FluidAdaptor

!!! TASK: Remove deprecated methods

  • Method AuthenticationProviderManager::setSecurityContext() was removed. Just get it injected.
  • Method ResolveContext::getRequestUri() was removed. Use getBaseUri() instead.
  • Method UploadedFilesHelper::calculateFieldPaths() was removed which was unused.
  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Improve code / fix psalm issues

Please have a look at the single commits where I documented what I have done and why.

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Avoid error when setting up SQLite cache backends

When configuring the PdoBackend to use an SQLite database it will be set up automatically upon connection.

Invoking the cache:setup command afterwards leads to an error:

General error: 1 table “cache” already exists

With this fix, the creation of cache tables is skipped for SQLite databases during setup.

Fixes: #1763

BUGFIX: resource:clean will remove resource from right collection

This fix makes sure resource:clean will remove broken resources from the right collection.

The problem is that you save the SHA1 for a broken resource. Now think about the following case: You have two resources with the same SHA1, but from two different collections (persistent/temporary). The resource inside the temporary-Collection was removed and now you run the command.

It will detect the missing resource from the temporary-Collection and add the SHA1 to $brokenResources. Now when iteration over $brokenResources to get the PersistentResource you are using $this->resourceRepository->findOneBySha1($resourceSha1), which ignores the collection. So you can’t be sure to get the PersistentResource from the temporary-Collection that you actually want, it’s possible that you get the one from the persistent-Collection. This would result in deleting the wrong PersistentResource and not removing the broken resource but creating a new problem.

The fix just saves the identifier of the PersistentResource to $brokenResources and later detects the correct one agin by using $this->resourceRepository->findByIdentifier($resourceIdentifier).

  • Packages: Flow

` BUGFIX: Replacing suffixes appends, if nothing to replace <https://github.com/neos/flow-development-collection/pull/1741>`_

The UriConstraints behaves weird with replaceSuffixes on hosts: if the suffix to replace is not found, the replacement is appended to the host - instead of nothing happening.

  • Packages: Flow

FEATURE: Interceptor return value may influence request filter

This checks the return result of the security interceptor in the authentication request filter. If it is false, this will lead to the filter also rejecting the request. Before, the request filter always returned true, no matter the return value of the interceptor.

Resolves #1515

  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Add example development config for allowing all proxies

In order to make https://github.com/neos/flow-development-collection/pull/1586 more approachable without actually setting a default value in Development.

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Adjust installation documentation to account for missing routes config

Adds missing documentation that it is required to rename Settings.yaml.example in order to have working routing and see the “Welcome” page.

See https://github.com/neos/flow-development-collection/issues/868#issuecomment-279682930

Thanks M.B. from our forum for bringing it up again.

  • Packages: Flow

!!!FEATURE: Configurable FlashMessage containers

Introduces a new setting Neos.Flow.mvc.flashMessages.containers that allows to configure separate FlashMessage containers.

It also changes the default behavior to persist FlashMessages in a session Cookie rather than in a server-side session.

This is a breaking change because it changes the API slightly by removing the @api annotation from the FlashMessageContainer. This is required because that object is no longer stored in the session by default. Instead of interacting with the FlashMessageContainer directly, the addFlashMessage() method must be used now.

The FlashMessageContainer can still be fetched from the ControllerContext but this will internally now use the FlashMessageService to restore the container from the configured storage implementation.


This patch changes the default behavior to store FlashMessages in a (HTTP) session cookie. This should not have any effect to the PHP code and FlashMessages can still be obtained with the <f:flashMessages /> Fluid ViewHelper. However, the FlashMessages can now also be read from JavaScript allowing the redirected action to be cached!

Furthermore it’s now possible to use different cookies for different parts of the website so that FlashMessages don’t interact. This is useful for example for FlashMessages in the Neos Backend and/or within plugins.

  • Packages: Flow FluidAdaptor

Revert “TASK: Include TYPO3Fluid for reflection”

This reverts commit e5bb869d3d1262080bbe687095e7b4a58789d971.

This is necessary, because the inclusion of Fluid in reflection for 4.3 introduced a regression, due to a wrong annotation in Fluid versions < 2.3.

See https://github.com/TYPO3/Fluid/pull/260

Fixes #1756

NOTE: This revert should not be included in upmerges, since the issue does not exist in Flow 5.0+ as it requires Fluid 2.5 minimum

  • Packages: Flow

FEATURE: Allow mapping whole request body to a single action argument

This allows to annotate a method action with the new @Flow\MapRequestBody(“$foo”) Annotation, which will lead to the full parsed request body being mapped into the action argument $foo. Previously this was not possible and the request body had to be wrapped with an object with a single foo property. This is useful for APIs that want to receive specific payloads that are defined on third parties or want to accept a list of models as an argument.

` POST /api/v1/foo [{ "name": "foo1" }, { "name": "foo2" }] `

```php /**

  • @param array<Foo> $foos
  • @Flow\MapRequestBody(“$foos”)


public function fooAction(array $foos) ```

Resolves #1554

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Fix position for SessionRequestComponent

Small follow-up to #1755

  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Provide comprehensive solution to get base URI

This introduces a provider that is a comprehensive source for a possible base URI.

This is in preparation of getting rid of ServerRequestAttributes::BASE_URI.

  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Loosen typo3fluid/fluid dependency

Adjusts the dependency declared in neos/fluid-adaptor to complement https://github.com/neos/flow-development-collection/pull/1638 and thus fix https://github.com/neos/flow-development-collection/pull/1756

  • Packages: Flow FluidAdaptor

BUGFIX: Fix PdoBackend status & setup

This fixes the PdoBackend::getStatus() and PdoBackend::setup() implementation by getting rid of the Doctrine dependency.


When configuring the PdoBackend to use the same database that already contains tables with special Doctrine type mappings (for example flow_json_array) comparing the schema led to an exception.

Fixes: #1513

  • Packages: Cache Flow

!!! TASK: Be more strict with the default accepted clientIP headers

This will only accept the X-Forwarded-For header to override the client IP address by default to be in line with the other headers.

If you use the clientIp from the Http Request, are behind a reverse proxy and did not explicitly configure which HTTP header you expect to contain the original users IP address, then this might break for you if the first reverse proxy in your chain did not set the X-Forwarded-For header. In that case, make sure which header contains the clients IP address and specify that in the Neos.Flow.http.trustedProxies.headers.clientIp Setting.

BUGFIX: Allow string for trusted proxies again (env variable use)

Fixes a regression introduced with #1683

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Don’t redirect `.well-known`

This is necessary in order to allow e.g. certbot to do it’s job.

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Handle configuration value “false” for trusted proxies

This fixes the case when a configured environment variable (like the default FLOW_HTTP_TRUSTEDPROXIES) is not set, in which case the value will be false.

  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Add type declaration to Neos cache classes

  • Adds missing type declarations, especially void types.
  • The remaining methods are implementing the untyped PSR interface
  • Packages: Cache

!!! FEATURE: Add strict typehints for error message title and code

This is breaking, because the Error messages no longer accept null for the $code and $title constructor arguments.

See https://github.com/neos/flow-development-collection/pull/1046 for the PR that could not yet fix this issue.

TASK: Update ConceptsOfModernProgramming.rst

sensible = vernünftig sensitive = sensibel

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Make ScriptsMock::buildSubprocessCommand signature match parent

This prevents a Warning notice in Unit Tests.

Related to #1731

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Trigger Entry Points of all authenticated tokens

Previously the Dispatcher invoked the startAuthentication() method of all authenticated tokens.

That behavior was changed by accident with #1552 and now only the first Entry Point was triggered.

  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Include TYPO3Fluid for reflection

This is needed to be able to generate a XSD schema for the TYPO3 Fluid default ViewHelpers.

Depends on #1638

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Allow a single ‘*’ entry in trustedProxies

This makes the setting Neos.Flow.http.trustedProxies.proxies behave equal for a setting of “*” or [“*”] or - “*”.

  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Fix ScriptTest invoking dummy commands

Also, the static class does not need to be mocked with PHPUnit, as PHPUnit can not stub static methods anyway.

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Do not join select property paths to embedded objects

Instead of assuming that every property path with a dot is a path to an other entity check if the property path is a mapped field which is also true for embedded object properties.

Resolves #989

What I did We’ll i suppose i fixed it :sweat_smile:

How I did it I searched the existing class schema for hints about embedded properties and found it in the entityManager. When the path exists in the fieldMappings it is a field embedded in the object’s table. Since we’re using doctrine in this kind of query anyway i think we’re safe to go whit this solution.

How to verify it The description of the original bug should be suffice.


  • Packages: Flow

FEATURE: Allow rebasing PR via comment

Just type /rebase in the comment and this workflow will attempt a rebase.

Uses https://github.com/cirrus-actions/rebase

  • Packages: github

TASK: Further cleanup test classes

  • Replace \PHPUnit_Framework_MockObject_MockObject hints
  • Replace object calls with static calls
  • Packages: Flow

FEATURE: Add cookie support to ActionResponse

Adds the two convenience methods ActionResponse::setCookie() and ActionResponse::deleteCookie() and adjusts the documentation accordingly.

Resolves: #1722

  • Packages: Flow

!!! BUGFIX: Don’t start session for sessionless tokens

This adds a condition to the Dispatcher to avoid Neos\Flow\Security\Context::setInterceptedRequest() from being invoked when authenticating an authentication token that implements the SessionlessTokenInterface.

This is a breaking change if code relies on the fact that the intercepted request is stored even when using sessionless authentication.

Fixes: #1614

  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Some slight adjustments to the Http documentation

Adjust regarding ComponentContext, immutability and added http components.

  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Update psalm baseline

Removes fixed errors from the psalm baseline.

TASK: Use var_dump return parameter

What I did When digging through the code I found this instance of capturing the output of \Neos\Flow\var_dump using ob_get_contents when \Neos\Flow\var_dump has a $return parameter itself.

How I did it Using the $return parameter of \Neos\Flow\var_dump

  • Packages: Flow FluidAdaptor

!!! TASK: Enable `subdivideHashPathSegment` and `relativeSymlinks` by default

The old defaults for these settings worked but caused trouble once projects got bigger over time: - subdivideHashPathSegment: false caused having too many symlinks in a single folder for many filesystems - relativeSymlinks: false did not allow to put the Web/_Resources directory into the shared folder for faster deployments

ATTENTION: This alters the default behavior and the published resources will get a url with nested pathes. That is why this is considered a breaking change.

NOTE: After updating you have to empty the Web/_Resources/Persistent folder and run ./flow resource:publish. This us usually all done automatically from the deployment tool you are using.

If you do not want this behavior you can disable the subdivision via configuration for your project with the following configuration.

``` Neos:

subdivideHashPathSegment: false relativeSymlinks: false

``` You probably want to redirect requests to the old urls in your webserver configuration, the following regex search/replace patterns may be used for that: - searchPattern: ^_Resources\/Persistent\/([a-f0-9]{1})([a-f0-9]{1})([a-f0-9]{1})([a-f0-9]{1})([a-f0-9]{36})\/(.+)$ - replacePattern: _Resources/Persistent/$1/$2/$3/$4/$1$2$3$4$5/$6

nginx redirect rule: ` # redirect resource urls without subdivideHashPathSegments rewrite "^/_Resources\\/Persistent\\/([a-f0-9]{1})([a-f0-9]{1})([a-f0-9]{1})([a-f0-9]{1})([a-f0-9]{36})\\/(.+)$" /_Resources/Persistent/$1/$2/$3/$4/$1$2$3$4$5/$6 permanent; `

  • Packages: Flow

!!!TASK: Remove deprecated Http objects and replace with PSR-7 implementation

This replaces the HTTP stack of Flow with PSR-7.

Many areas of Flow are affected by this, most notably and breaking:

  • All HTTP is now fully PSR-7
  • Response in MVC controllers is no longer an HTTP response and has very different methods.
  • CLI and MVC use different dispatchers now
  • ActionRequest::getParentRequest() will return null at the top instead of an HttpRequest, you can still get the HttpRequest via ActionRequest::getHttpRequest()
  • ActionRequest::fromHttpRequest(ServerRequestInterface $httpRequest) introduced
  • ActionRequest::createSubRequest() introduced
  • ActionRequest can longer be created via new
  • \Neos\Flow\Mvc\ActionRequestFactory introduced to correctly merge arguments from the HTTP request
  • Neos.Http.Factories introduced, implementing PSR-17 HTTP factories, use those to create and fake HTTP requests
  • The HTTP process was split into more components to have easier extension points in between. So you can interject between the creation of the top level ActionRequest (after which security is avaliable) and the actual dispatching to a controller

Related: #658

Example API Changes: - no more Mvc\Response, instead ActionRequest and ActionResponse are the API inside the MVC stack - to create an ActionRequest, use the ActionRequestFactory->createActionRequest($serverRequest, $arguments) - inside a Controller:

  • $this->response->setHeader(‘Content-Type’, …) -> $this->response->setContentType(…)
  • $this->response->setHeader(‘Location’, …) -> $this->response->setRedirectUri(…)
  • $this->response->setStatus(…) -> $this->response->setStatusCode(…)
  • $this->response->setHeader(…) -> $this->response->setComponentParameter(SetHeaderComponent::class, …)
  • Request::create(…) -> new ServerRequest(‘GET’, …)
  • $httpRequest->getBaseUri() -> $httpRequest->getAttribute(ServerRequestAttributes::BASE_URI)
  • Packages: FluidAdaptor

BUGFIX: Avoid unsupported operand types error

Under some circumstances, the session metadata cache might iterate a non-array value and the following logging attempt failing with an unsupported operand type error for the + array concatenation. This change works around this error, by checking the $sessionInfo to be of type array and assigning a wrapper array otherwise.

  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Make array indexing difference more visible

Previously, if an array was expected but a non numerically indexed array (i.e. a “dictionary”) was given, the error message would output expected: type=array found: type=array, which is totally confusing.

See https://github.com/neos/flow-development-collection/pull/1637

  • Packages: Schema

FEATURE: Add psalm static code analysis to travis matrix

This will provide us with immediate feedback on newly introduced typing errors in the code base.

To update the psalm-baseline, which contains the current set of errors that are simply ignored in order to gradually introduce static analysis to a larger code base, you can just run bin/psalm –config=Packages/Framework/psalm.xml –update-baseline on an installed distribution. Note though, that this will only remove fixed errors, not add new errors to the baseline. So we could automate this step.

In order to add new errors to the baseline, you have to run bin/psalm –config=Packages/Framework/psalm.xml –set-baseline=Packages/Framework/psalm.xml

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Authentication: Only intercept GET requests

Adjusts the Dispatcher so that it only intercepts GET requests in order to prevent unwanted side effects when redirecting to an unsafe request.

Fixes: #1694

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Respect Neos.Flow.http.baseUri path in UriBuilder

If Neos.Flow.http.baseUri contains a path, it was not respected during uri building.

See: #1185 Resolves: #1215

What I did Add path of Neos.Flow.http.baseUri to ResolveContext’s uriPathPrefix.

How to verify it Configure Neos.Flow.http.baseUri to be an absolute URI with path, build URI to any Controller.

  • Packages: Flow

FEATURE: Improve CLI command name resolution

Relax command name resolution in order to make it easier to find commands.

Resolves: #1691

  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Refactor unit tests to static assert calls

The assert* ` methods are static methods in recent versions of PHPUnit. As calling static methods via `$this-> feels odd, I replaced the method calls with static calls. * Packages: Arrays Cache Eel Files Flow FluidAdaptor Kickstarter Log MediaTypes Messages ObjectHandling Schema Unicode

Revert “!!! TASK: Add typehint to allowsCallOfMethod(…)”

Reverts neos/flow-development-collection#1329

This is a pretty breaking change with not much value gained because of this type hint. It forces every package with custom Eel helpers to adapt; and if it wants to maintain compatibility with old and new world, introduce a new major version.

Discussed with @bwaidelich @kitsunet @daniellienert @albe .

  • Packages: Eel Flow

BUGFIX: Allow using Flow with PHP wrappers

<!– Thanks for your contribution, we appreciate it!

Please read through our pull request guidelines, there are some interesting things there: https://discuss.neos.io/t/creating-a-pull-request/506

And one more thing… Don’t forget about the tests! –>

What I did

Add support for using a fallback to verify whether the PHP_BINARY for the currently configured PHP binary file matches the one being used currently.

The current logic only resolves the symlink, which may not always work, e.g. what if the php binary is being executed through a wrapper like this?

#!/bin/sh . /path/to/setenv.sh exec /path/to/php.bin “$@”

(Where php.bin is the binary file and setenv.sh a script with sets environment variables - Wrappers like these are heavily used in Bitnami installations.)

How I did it

Before Flow compares which PHP binary is being used (and which it is supposedly configured to use), we run a PHP exec to print PHP_BINARY.

Then, we store the result and if no errors were thrown, use this as the detected PHP binary path to compare with. If any errors were detected (via the “exec” exit code), we use the original logic that resolves any symlink it’s pointing to.

If it matches the existing one, it means everything went great, if not an error will be thrown like before.

How to verify it

  • A correct PHP wrapper pointing to the PHP binary (e.g. php.bin) is allowed for being used for CLI subrequests (method ensureCLISubrequestsUseCurrentlyRunningPhpBinary).
  • An invalid PHP wrapper fails when being used for CLI subrequests (method ensureCLISubrequestsUseCurrentlyRunningPhpBinary).


  • [x] Code follows the PSR-2 coding style - Checked
  • [x] Tests have been created, run and adjusted as needed - Couldn’t find any tests for this part
  • [x] The PR is created against the [lowest maintained branch](https://www.neos.io/features/release-roadmap.html) - Using 4.3 branch
  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Update documentation about AbstractConditionViewHelper.

I tried to create a custom IfViewHelper by extending the AbstractConditionViewHelper and noticed that it was still mentioning to overwrite the render function. However the render function is not called but rather the evaluateCondition function must be overwritten. I’ve basically taken the documentation from the Neos docs and copied it here and made some adjustments.

Let me know if this is ok or not (but current state of the documentation is not correct so it should be changed).

Fluid 2.6 introduced another change to the AbstractConditionViewHelper that can be found here: https://github.com/TYPO3/Fluid/commit/a67b31f9e6ecb015d0f47892fce46cf64110fd15

With Fluid 3.0 the evaluateCondition function won’t be used anymore - should be kept in mind.

Thanks, David

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Automatically map DateTimeInterface to ORM type

Since #1640 a model with a property annotated like

```php /**

  • @var \DateTimeInterface


protected $someDateTime; ```

lead to an exception in annotation parsing, because the property does not contain a @ORM\Column(type=”…”) mapping. This worked before, because the type parser interpreted DateTimeInterface as just DateTime due to the error prone regex matching. Since the regex fix above, DateTimeInterface will now be parsed as DateTimeInterface and the FlowAnnotationDriver does not automatically map that to an ORM type. This change works around that, by automatically mapping DateTimeInterface to the ORM type datetime to be b/c with previous behaviour.

Note though, that this is generally bad magic, because you might want your property to be something different from DateTime after reconstitution from the ORM, so the real fix should be that you explicitly specify the DateTime (sub-)class in the @var annotation and add a corresponding @ORM\Column(type=”…”), possibly together with a custom DBAL type.

Related to #1672

  • Packages: Flow

!!! TASK: Deprecate SaltedMd5HashingStrategy

md5 is the most insecure hashing algo in existence and we shouldn’t support that out of the box, especially not within the Security context. If someone has dire need for it in Flow 7.0+, he could always just copy the old strategy and plug it in. See also https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6151

In order to migrate your existing Md5 hashes, you need to configure a different secure hashing strategy and run all your hashed passwords once through the hashPassword() upon next user entry. ```php list($strategyIdentifier, ) = explode(‘=>’, $account->getCredentialsSource(), 2); if ($strategyIdentifier === ‘saltedmd5’) {

$account->setCredentialsSource($this->hashService->hashPassword($password)); $this->accountRepository->update($account);


  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Omit sessionless tokens from session

Without this fix, all security tokens – including those which are implementations of SessionlessTokenInterface – are serialized and added to the current session. This is a problem for sessionless tokens, which need to be updated on every request on not just once per session.

Fixes: #1666 Related: #1614

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Omit sessionless tokens from session

Without this fix, all security tokens – including those which are implementations of SessionlessTokenInterface – are serialized and added to the current session. This is a problem for sessionless tokens, which need to be updated on every request on not just once per session.

Backport of #1662 Fixes: #1666

  • Packages: Flow

FEATURE: Allow custom date formatting in DateTimeRangeValidator messages

If you translated error messages from the DateTimeRangeValidator with the error codes 1325615630, 1324315107 and/or 1324315115 those now receive DateTime objects as parameters instead of preformatted date strings. Therefore, you should adjust your message templates to format the parameters like {0,datetime,datetime}

Fixes #574

  • Packages: Flow

!!! BUGFIX: Simplify and strengthen the type matching pattern

This pattern was overspecified for common types, but at the same time not closed. Hence this was buggy for any type that started with one of the specified types, like a custom DateTimeRange type, which would be matched as DateTime only.

The new pattern will now just match any identifier made up of characters, digits, backslashes and underscores up to a whitespace or lineend, which also matches all the previously hard-coded types.

This is not breaking in the normal sense, but the change in a very core regex pattern can cause different behaviour in some edge-cases, hence why this bugfix is not applied to lowest maintained branch.

Followup for #1442

TASK: Bring dependencies in line with main dependencies

The more restrictive require-dev dependency here was holding back and causing issues when installing master.

  • Packages: Arrays

TASK: Loosen typo3 fluid dependency

This allows to install any version of TYPO3 Fluid >= 2.1.3, < 2.5.0 instead of the previously limiting to ~2.1.3 Since Flow 5.0+ requires TYPO3 Fluid 2.5.x, this is consistent.

  • Packages: FluidAdaptor

Apply fixes from StyleCI

This pull request applies code style fixes from an analysis carried out by [StyleCI](https://github.styleci.io).

For more information, click [here](https://github.styleci.io/analyses/8QAZAZ).

  • Packages: Arrays ObjectHandling

Apply fixes from StyleCI

This pull request applies code style fixes from an analysis carried out by [StyleCI](https://github.styleci.io).

For more information, click [here](https://github.styleci.io/analyses/zd5bnv).

  • Packages: Arrays Flow

TASK: Safelist branches for travis builds

This prevents builds from running doubly on branches created on this repository for PRs, e.g. through the StyleCI bot or by github inline PRs.

See https://docs.travis-ci.com/user/customizing-the-build/#safelisting-or-blocklisting-branches

  • Packages: Flow

Apply fixes from StyleCI

This pull request applies code style fixes from an analysis carried out by [StyleCI](https://github.styleci.io).

For more information, click [here](https://github.styleci.io/analyses/8nBkMN).

  • Packages: Flow FluidAdaptor ObjectHandling

Apply fixes from StyleCI

This pull request applies code style fixes from an analysis carried out by [StyleCI](https://github.styleci.io).

For more information, click [here](https://github.styleci.io/analyses/8nBJyO).

  • Packages: Flow FluidAdaptor

TASK: Create FUNDING.yml

  • Packages: Flow github

BUGFIX: Avoid error in Debugger::findProxyAndShortFilePath()

If $file points to eval’d code, the @file(…) code does not return an array, leading to count() being called on an incompatible value.

  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Fix formatting of note

Related to #1587

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Flow CLI command warns of mismatching php version

If Flow builds a PHP command for a subrequest, it uses the system default if nothing else is configured. With this change, we avoid Flow executing that request if it isn’t explicitly configured to use that same PHP version internally too. This should avoid some errors especially in shared hosting scenarios for less experienced users.

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Fix InvalidControllerException is never thrown

IDE complained that a InvalidControllerException is never thrown in the corresponding try-catch-block and i think thats right. Instead there is a InvalidRoutePartValueException thrown in Route:resolves() that should be caught.

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Fix TypeError if subpackage is empty

Sorry, found another one…

if subpackage is empty RoutingCommandController:getControllerObjectName() should be called with an empty string for the subPackageKey argument. Otherwise an TypeError is thrown because the argument is not nullable.

  • Packages: Flow

FEATURE: Utility Function to detect Eel expressions

The function was added to provide a function for validity checks without any need to duplicate the code which was previously used in the first if-condition of the function evaluateEelExpression.

As @kitsunet mentioned in https://github.com/neos/eel/pull/2 the variable matches is not necessary, but I’ve used it to avoid calling preg_match(Package::EelExpressionRecognizer, $expression, $matches) inside the existing function evaluateEelExpression and preg_match(Package::EelExpressionRecognizer, $expression) inside the new function isEelExpression, because to me this seems like duplicated code. I’m happy with both solutions, so feel free to change it if you decide to remove the variable.

  • Packages: Eel Flow

!!!TASK: Remove doctrine ObjectManager injection support

This finally removes the before already deprecated \Doctrine\Common\Persistence\ObjectManager usage for injecting an Doctrine EntityManager. Use \Doctrine\ORM\EntityManagerInterface instead.

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Return type hint should reflect nullable

If no controller could be found for the given arguments RoutingCommandController:getControllerObjectName() returns null. The return type hint should reflect that to avoid a TypeError.

  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Add section for configuration of trusted proxies in container

Adds a small note that mentions having to configure the trusted proxies in ddev and similar environments.

  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Translator uses locale chain

This change makes getTranslationById and getTranslationByOriginalLabel use the configured locale chain.

This is an updated version of #327 and #328. Please see the discussions there. May be retargeted on master.

  • Packages: Flow

!!! TASK: Remove deprecated methods from AuthenticationManagerInterface

This removes getTokens(), getProviders() and setSecurityContext() from AuthenticationManagerInterface and AuthenticationProviderManager.

Also return type declarations are set on the interface methods.

To adjust your code using any implementations of the interface, replace

  • $this->authenticationManager->getTokens() with $this->tokenAndProviderFactory->getTokens()
  • $this->authenticationManager->getProviders() with $this->tokenAndProviderFactory->getProviders()

(Of course you might need to add injections so the factory is available in your code.)

If you implemented the interface yourself, remove the methods and use injection instead of setSecurityContext():

  • The security context of the current request
  • @Flow\Inject
  • @var Neos\Flow\Security\Context


protected $securityContext;

  • Packages: Flow

!!! TASK: Remove ObjectManager.getSettingsByPath()

Instead of getSettingsByPath(…) use settings injection or the ConfigurationManager to get settings.

  • Packages: Flow

!!! TASK: Add createWithOptions() to ThrowableStorageInterface

The method existed anyway in the “default implementation”, but was destined to become part of the interface.

  • Packages: Flow

!!! TASK: More logging deprecation removals

This does two things:

  • Remove Neos\Flow\Log\LoggerInterface

    This has been deprecated since Flow 5.0 in favour of the \Psr\Log\LoggerInterface that you should use instead.

    The logException() from this interface should ne replaced with logThrowable() from the \Neos\Flow\Log\ThrowableStorageInterface.

  • Remove getFormattedVarDump() from AbstractBackend

    Use the PlainTextFormatter directly instead.

  • Packages: Log

!!! TASK: Remove deprecated legacy logger

This removes the deprecated logger including all deprecated interfaces. Please use the PSR-3 interfaces introduced with Flow 5.0 instead.

You must adjust the log settings as well. A code migration is included, and you can check against the settings in Neos.Flow itself in case you need to adjust things manually.

The log(…) method looked like this with the old Neos\Flow\Log\LoggerInterface:

string $message, int $severity = LOG_INFO, $additionalData = null, string $packageKey = null, string $className = null, string $methodName = null


The new interface still has a log($level, string $message, array $context) method, but be aware of the changed parameters (order)!

You should be using the level-specifc methods instead: debug(…), info(…), notice(…), warning(…), error(…), critical(…), alert(…), emergency(…). The signature is the same for all these methods:

…(string $message, array $context)

To replace the previous passing of information about the place the logging call was done, use this to pass the $context:

use Neos\Flow\Log\Utility\LogEnvironment;

$logger->debug(‘Some log message’, LogEnvironment::fromMethodName(__METHOD__));

  • Packages: FluidAdaptor

!!! TASK: Remove registerRenderMethodArguments() from AbstractViewHelper

This removes the deprecated registerRenderMethodArguments() method from the AbstractViewHelper in the Neos.FluidAdaptor package.

To adjust your code, you need to implement initializeArguments() in your ViewHelper and call $this->registerArgument(…) in it for your former arguments to render().

In render() (which must be parameterless now), access the arguments via $this->arguments[’…’].

  • Packages: FluidAdaptor Kickstarter

BUGFIX: Remove Doctrine from require-dev

It’s already a require, so the duplication just causes problems, when the versions don’t match any more (as they do in current master).

BUGFIX: Remove deprecated PhpUnit functions from tests

Replace deprecated PhpUnit functions with supported alternatives.

Fixes https://github.com/neos/neos-development-collection/issues/2498

  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Clean up ignoredTags configuration with defaults from doctrine AnnotationReader

I removed all tags from Settings.Reflection.yaml that are already in the $globalIgnoredNames in Doctrine\Common\Annotations\AnnotationReader

There are even more of the ignoredTags in the current master of doctrine/annotations (see link in the issue), but it seems they are not yet in the 1.6.1 release of doctrine/annotations

Resolves #1532

  • Packages: Flow

!!! FEATURE: Add function helpers to Eel and remove magic `q`

Function helpers are static functions that are available in Eel without a containing helper. This change removes the default q variable and instead adds a static method q to the flowQuery class that is used as helper function with the following configuration:

``` Neos:

q: ‘Neos\Eel\FlowQuery\FlowQuery::q’
q: Neos\Eel\FlowQuery\FlowQuery::q

``` Note: Nested pathes as identifiers for function-helpers are not allowed and will raise an exception.

This is breaking as it makes it necessary to add the configuration above to Neos.Fusion and Neos.ContentRepository. Also custom code that uses FlowQuery and relies on q beeing always present will have to be adjusted.

Upgrade Instructions:

Only if you are using the EelUtility in to evaluate expressions with q AND are using a custom defaultContextConfiguration you have to make sure that the configuration line q: ‘Neos\Eel\FlowQuery\FlowQuery::q’ is added to this configuration.

  • Packages: Eel

BUGFIX: Use source as target if target-language is empty in XLIFF

The target element in XLIFF is optional, and even though we recommend in the documentation to set it, most people omit the target for “source” XLIFF files (i.e. having english content and target-language being unset).

For these cases the XliffParser now reads the source element content into the target element. This makes the fallback rules work for individual translations and not only full XLIFF files.

In other words: when a new string is added to a source catalog, it will be used as is even when no translation is available – instead of simply the id being output.

  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Raise PHP version by one minor version in travis.yaml

Raise PHP versions from 7.1 to 7.2 and 7.2 to 7.3 in the travis test matrix.

  • Packages: Flow

!!! FEATURE: Raise phpunit to v8.1

This change raises the phpunit requirement to v8.1. This might be breaking for you as phpunit introduced return types on methods like public setUp(): void as well as public tearDown(): void. PHPUnit also deprecated a lot of methods. You might find [here](https://thephp.cc/news/2019/02/help-my-tests-stopped-working) some more background information about replacements for your assertions.

Resolves #1506

  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Fix name of index on PersistentResource.sha1

The name IDX_35DC14F03332102A is different from what Doctrine does auto-generate, but needs to be used due to BC reasons with existing migrations.

See https://github.com/neos/neos-development-collection/issues/2475

  • Packages: Flow

[SECURITY] Avoid OpenSSL padding oracle attacks

This avoids OpenSSL Padding Oracle Information Disclosure by allowing to specify the padding algorithm used in the RSA wallet service.

Most probably you are not even affected, since only OpenSSL 1.0.1t and 1.0.2h are vulnerable, but better safe than sorry.

The padding algorithm default is changed to OPENSSL_PKCS1_OAEP_PADDING, but a fallback decryption is in place for all data that was encrypted with the previously unsafe padding algorithm. Therefore you should migrate all your existing encrypted data, by running it through decryptWithPrivateKey and then again through encryptWithPublicKey ONCE.

Fixes #1566

BUGFIX: Fix log environment in logging aspects

As the ‘FLOW_LOG_ENVIRONMENT’ => [] level was missing in the log data, the log environment data was not set correctly and written to the log by the file writer.

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Avoid type error when a non taggable cache backend gets flushed by tag

The typehint of the flushByTag method expected an int return type, but the method inside the AbstractFrontend returned void when a non taggable backend was flushed. This was the case for a SimpleFileBackend for example and led to an error.

  • Packages: Cache Flow

TASK: Better naming for include and exclude paths/patterns

Get rid of wording “blacklist”/”whitelist” because there’s better terms. Should have been named like this from the start. I’m to blame.

  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Make migrations typesafe and avoid IDE warnings

This modifies generated migrations to comply with current PHP code rules.

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Fix package:create and derived commands when private packagist is used

When private packagist is used the following setting isn added to the repositories section of the composer.json:

``` repositories: [

“packagist.org”: false



This caused an error because the package:create command tried to access the undefined type property of each defined repository.

This change simply checks for the existence of the type key before acessing it.

#fixes https://github.com/neos/neos-development-collection/issues/2448

  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Add documentation info for validation groups

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Please read through our pull request guidelines, there are some interesting things there: https://discuss.neos.io/t/creating-a-pull-request/506

And one more thing… Don’t forget about the tests! –>

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