5.2.4 (2019-03-25)

Overview of merged pull requests

BUGFIX: Ignore template/psalm annotations

Fixes #1529 by adjusting the configuration.

BUGFIX: Accessing non existing array keys can cause a PHP Notice.

Would be better to check the array keys before using them.

INFO: For some langauges like “zh” (china), the property “$this->rulesets” is not filled properly. So accessing for example “$this->rulesets[‘zh’]” will cause a PHP Notice: “Undefined index”.

What I did

In my fluidtemplate, i want to translate a language ID from “zh/Main.xlf” with this code:

``` {f:translate(

id: ‘lang.id.with.plurals.definition’, package: ‘Some.Package’, source: ‘Main.xlf’, locale: ‘zh’, quantity: 2


The definition of this language ID in my “zh/Main.xlf” is this:

``` <group id=”lang.id.with.plurals.definition” restype=”x-gettext-plurals”>

<trans-unit id=”lang.id.with.plurals.definition[0]”>
<source>Acme default Foo</source> <target>Acme ZH Foo</target>

</trans-unit> <trans-unit id=”lang.id.with.plurals.definition[1]”>

<source>Acme default Foos</source> <target>”Acme ZH Foos</target>


</group> ```

  • Packages: Flow

TASK: add pushResult for Property example

This is a direct copy of https://github.com/neos/flow/pull/19 - thanks @kaystrobach

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Fix typo in function

  • Packages: Cache Flow

BUGFIX: Allow testing provider everywhere

The TestingProvider should be available for all controllers/routes not only for Flow testing controllers otherwise the generic possibility to authenticateRoles in the FunctionalTestCase makes no sense for any other package. In the respective case a Neos test tried to authenticate roles but these would never have an effect due to the patterns.

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Fix exit code for unresolved CLI commands

Fixes the exit code of

./flow non:existing:command

to be 1 instead of 0.

Fixes: #1504

  • Packages: Flow