4.1.9 (2017-11-10)

Overview of merged pull requests

BUGFIX: Allow TypeConverters to use the short name for bool and int

This re-applies the original fix (#1083) with some adjustments in order to prevent regressions:

  • The StringConverter is no longer incorrectly adjusted
  • The PropertyMapper now normalizes source and target types to build the “typeConverterMap”

As a result, TypeConverters can now specify short and long version in the source/target type definition.

Related: #1083 Related: #1109

  • Packages: Flow

Revert “BUGFIX: Force PropertyMapper to correctly handle bool in constructor”

Reverts neos/flow-development-collection#1083

Background: That PR broke the Neos export for boolean properties (see https://github.com/neos/neos-development-collection/issues/1732). Also it was merged into 4.0 and not into the lowest supported branch (3.3) as stated.

I revert this now as a hotfix because I failed to completely comprehend the PR (I changed the StringConverter back and all tests were still green).

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Correct use of `void` return type in proxy classes

As void was not on the list of return types that would be normalized to include a leading backslash in the reflection data it would be output wrongly in proxy classes and so break applications that used it.

Fixes: #1065

TASK: Add a default .editorconfig

This introduces a default .editorconfig file in the root of the freshly created project.

It ensures that php follows the PSR-2 coding-style, yaml gets 2 spaces indentation and md files doesn’t trim trailing whitespace.

TASK: Fix some numbered lists in security documentation

This fixes markup for some numbered lists in the security documentation.

TASK: Fix FlowQuery Tests for PHP 7.1

The newly added test in https://github.com/neos/flow-development-collection/pull/1085 made the test fail in PHP 7.1 due to wrongly trying to concat strings with +.