4.1.3 (2017-07-07)

Overview of merged pull requests

BUGFIX: Make CLI subprocesses work on Windows

On Windows, the PHP_BINDIR constant will resolve to “C:\php” no matter what the actual php directory is, because this constant is decided at compile time. However, the PHP_BINARY constant will resolve to the current executable that runs the script at runtime, which at least for CLI will be the PHP executable.

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Integer argumentName should not result in an exception

This prevents an exception in case an argument name is evaluated to another simple type (integer) but can be converted to string easily.

Fixes: #612

BUGFIX: Keep format for URIs built in subrequests

Adds handling for the @format argument when merging arguments from the request hierarchy to keep the format when building URIs from a sub request.

Fixes neos/neos-development-collection#1596

BUGFIX: FileSystemTargetTest shouldn’t create package stub

The FileSystemTargetTest was fixed earlier to no longer create a stub of a package during test runs in the real filesystem see PR #966.)

The test still created a stub package, because the FileSystemTarget was told to publish to a vfs location - but that option is only used if initializeObject() is called, which in unit tests does not happen automagically.

TASK: Ignore invalid cookie names instead of throwing an exception

This prevents the exception that is thrown when a cookie has an invalid name.

See the discussion here: https://discuss.neos.io/t/ignore-invalid-cookies-instead-of-throwing-an-exception/2234