4.0.16 (2017-12-14)

Overview of merged pull requests

BUGFIX: No longer pick up too much YAML in migration

The migration to adjust Role persistence reads YAML files to learn about existing roles. It picked up “too much” sometimes, which would lead to errors, e.g. if some YAML could not be parsed but was not at all relevant for the task.

This change makes the check on the path of found files stricter to avoid that.

TASK: Adjust Flow to work with PHP 7.2

This enables PHP 7.2 testing on Travis CI, fixes a few unit tests that broke and adjust one actual code error.

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Fix VariableFrontendTest when using igbinary

  • Packages: Cache Flow FluidAdaptor

BUGFIX: Debugger must not count uncountable

This fixes a warning in PHP 7.2

BUGFIX: Get current request for ``StandaloneView`` from ``RequestHandler``

If no request is passed to a freshly created StandaloneView it is now retrieved from the RequestHandler instead of the old method which called createFromEnvironment (now used as fallback if RequestHandler is not an instance of HttpRequestHandlerInterface).

The old implementation can lead to faulty behaviour if the current Request is needed within the view, especially when running Flow behind proxies.

BUGFIX: Remove broken assets w/o executing usage checks (``flow resource:clean``)

What I did

./flow resource:clean was broken (Call to a member function getName() on null) because it could not remove a resource that referenced a file that didn’t exist -> ends up in an exception.

How I did it

AssetRepository.removeWithoutUsageChecks() was introduced in Neos 2.3/Flow 3.3.

BUGFIX: Allow using a unix socket for mysql connection

When specifying a unix socket for mysql connection, no host parameter must be given. As the code enforces a default value for host connection parameter, this simply adds a check to skip this if a unix socket is configured.

TASK: Improve property mapping exception message

The exception message was way too technical and in a lot of cases contained the useless addition , at property path “”.

BUGFIX: FileSystemTarget publishes resources in public root

Due to the defined resource paths (which are not taken into account for the FileSystemSymlinkTarget) only files in subdirectories of the public resource path were published. This change adds the public path itself and adjusts the PackageStorage to take into account an empty relative publication path. Additionally does a slight refactoring to make the whole class easier to follow.

Fixes: #1055

TASK: Update section on generating migrations

The behaviour of doctrine:migrationgenerate has changed, this updates the documentation accordingly.

  • Packages: Flow