4.0.1 (2017-02-14)

Overview of merged pull requests

BUGFIX: Cleanup of reflection freezing

The reflection freezing process still used a removed method from packages, this has been refactored as the information needed is already available and just needed to be cached.

Additionally a bit of clean up was done while looking at it.

Fixes: #743

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Use request correctly in Fluid Views

The refactoring of Fluid to the Adaptor left some places with invalid handling of request and format inside of Views. The code couldn’t work in it’s current state and is now adapted.

Fixes: #848

  • Packages: FluidAdaptor

BUGFIX: ClassLoader should load AvailableProxies from TEMPORARY_BASE

If you have an old version of the AvailableProxyClasses in FLOW_PATH_DATA and you change FLOW_PATH_TEMPORARY_BASE, always the old proxy classes get loaded.

Resolves: #866

BUGFIX: Proxy Compiler adds newline after end of original code

As any original class might end on a comment line without newline we need to add a newline as part of the proxy building to avoid putting the proxy namespace declaration within a comment. Additionally adds a marker comment declaring the beginning of the proxy code.

Fixes: #779

BUGFIX: Use ``exec`` everywhere instead of ``system``

Instead of using both, the Flow core uses the exec function throughout now and the requirements documentation is updated accordingly.

Fixes: #634

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Peg generated parsers are excluded from proxy building

The generated parsers AbstractParser, EelParser and FizzleParser are excluded from proxy building as the include statement and the general structure of these make them unsuitable for proxy-ing. This was only a bug before if an AOP advice targeted the mentioned classes, now this cannot happen anymore.

Fixes: #796

BUGFIX: Documented correct implementation of condition ViewHelpers

With the introduction of standalone Fluid the correct way to implement custom condition ViewHelpers has changed but this was not reflected in the doc block of the AbstractConditionViewHelper. This change finally adds the missing explanation.

Fixes: #746

  • Packages: FluidAdaptor

BUGFIX: Resource setSha1() fails on uppercase hash

This change fixes an issue with the Resource object’s setSha1() method which fails if the given hexadecimal number uses uppercase characters for A-F.

On some operating systems or third party services, uppercase hashes may be used. setSha1() now accepts values containing uppercase characters and normalizes them to lowercase. Therefore, when you set a SHA1 with an uppercase hexadecimal string, getSha1() will return it in lowercase.

Related to https://github.com/flownative/flow-google-cloudstorage/issues/4

BUGFIX: Add documentation about package types

Adds a note about the package type prefixes support.

Fixes: #503

BUGFIX: ``ReflectionService::getClassSchema`` works with Proxies

Getting a class schema from the reflection service should work when giving a doctrine proxy object instead of the actual entity.

Fixes: #561

BUGFIX: Allow factories to build prototypes

This fix allowes to build prototypes using factories by configuring scope: prototype in the Objects.yaml Before the object manager ignores the configuration and generates singletons everytime.

TASK: Pin utility versions to 3.3 branch releases

Avoid installing breaking versions of the utilities in Flow 3.3.

  • Packages: Arrays Lock