3.2.3 (2016-05-29)

Overview of merged pull requests

BUGFIX: After creating a package all packages should be sorted

After creating a package only a rescan of existing packages was triggered but not a resorting. That would lead to arbitrary package loading order which only depended on the way the filesystem would find the packages. This has been changed to trigger a full rescan including sorting of packages.

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Clear opcode cache before compiling proxy classes

Fixes a bug with statcaches that would lead to Flow trying to delete configuration files that no longer existed.

  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Allow wildcard propertymapping configuration to set defaults for trustedProperties configuration

Before, when specifying a PropertyMappingConfiguration with a wildcard inside the initializeAction() of a controller, this configuration would not be taken into account when a Fluid form was submitted, that set configuration for specific properties.

This change makes the trustedProperties configuration happen after the user configuration, which in turn will lead to trustedProperties always only extend the user configuration and wildcard configurations to be used as the template configuration for the following specific trustedProperties configurations.

  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Use version of composer.json as fallback for installed version of packages

In case of missing the installed version of a package, we provide the given version out of the composer.json of the package.

FLOW-455 #close

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Ignore abstract command-controllers

If a command controller is declared abstract the cli ignores this class because it cannot be instantiated. The commands from derived classes will of course be available.

  • Packages: Flow

TASK: Don’t override CommandManager in HelpCommandController

This change remove the property commandManager from the HelpCommandController, because it already defined in the parent class.

  • Packages: Flow

BUGFIX: Missing use statement in HelpCommandController

This fix a regression introduced in 3.2, the use statement for the CommandManager is missing

  • Packages: Flow