3.2.1 (2016-05-09)

Overview of merged pull requests

BUGFIX: Fix ObjectAccessorNode::getPropertyPath for is/has access in PHP7

This fixes the try/catch for undefined Fluid variables which start with “is” or “has”. Currently, exceptions here are not being caught because an \Error is being thrown. Since non-callable method call should not be attempted in the first place, this change adds a is_callable check. Therefore a try/catch block is no longer necessary, as any exception thrown inside the callable method should bubble up.

Specific example: a fluid section/partial with an optional argument called “isSomething”

  • if rendered while defining isSomething in the arguments, there’s no problem
  • if rendered without isSomething in the arguments (implicit falsy), we then get Call to undefined method TYPO3\Fluid\Core\ViewHelper\TemplateVariableContainer::isSomething()

Related to: #108, #343, #348, whythecode/flow-development-collection#1

  • Packages: Fluid

BUGFIX: Class loading errors because library packageKeys are incorrect

The package manager derives the packageKey from the class loader configuration if the package type is library. This leads to problems with the split libraries that share the namespace TYPO3\\\Flow\\\Utility because the package state configuration for is overwritten.

Depending on the dependency order of the packages this will lead to symptoms like class loading errors for the Neos.Utility.Schema package.

This change adds the specific packageKey to use to the composer.json to load the libraries correctly.

  • Packages: Arrays Files Flow MediaTypes ObjectHandling OpcodeCache Pdo Schema