3.0.11 (2017-04-01)

Overview of merged pull requests

BUGFIX: Use fallback if exception handler configured wrong

In case the configured exception handler class dies not exist, the ProductionExceptionHandler is used instead. This allows (force-)flushing the caches to work in more cases.

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BUGFIX: Adjust Documentation to renamed routing cache

A follow-up to I`bc55b5a4939b42b7cf2a08ada52985aa04bb7b04 <https://github.com/neos/flow-development-collection/commit/bc55b5a4939b42b7cf2a08ada52985aa04bb7b04>`_ adjusting the Routing documentation and example configuration to the Routing Cache that was renamed with I`ac1bd27cd1f2869e597b696c896633f14703ec40 <https://github.com/neos/flow-development-collection/commit/ac1bd27cd1f2869e597b696c896633f14703ec40>`_

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BUGFIX: Fix calling shutdownObject() on doctrine proxy

This change fixes #613 by creating the code to also call shutdownObject() on Doctrine Proxies. The proxy generation did not took into account that in __wakeup() the current Object can be an Instance of a Doctrine Proxy and therefore did not registered the shutdownObject() method on the ObjectManager.

As stated in #613 the temporary files from Resource::createTemporaryLocalCopy() where not removed, but with this fix they will be removed as expected.

Thanks to @monofone and @hlubek for support in finding the bug and implementing the solution and tests.

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BUGFIX: Exclude psr/log from reflection

A change in dependencies pulled in psr/log which contains a trait, causing failures with PHP 5.3

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BUGFIX: Redis backend should prevent iteration of duplicate entries

When setting or flushing by tag the list of entries is not correctly updated. This could also occur if an entry is expired.

This change fixes the flush by tag behaviour to correctly remove entries and adds a check into the iteration of cache entries to check for existing entries.

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BUGFIX: Do not throw exception when concurrently unlinking files

Fixes a race condition where concurrent emptying of a directory causes errors because files were already unlinked by another process.

FLOW-283 #close FLOW-345 #close

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